Aberle wins long-term Service-Contract

CS Parts Logistics GmbH, a joint venture of CLAAS Service and Parts GmbH with STUTE Logistics GmbH, has signed a long-term service contract with Aberle GmbH, Leingarten, covering extensive services for mechanical and electric facility maintenance as well as a Service-Hotline for the CLAAS Parts Logistics Center at Hamm-Uentrop.

The CLAAS Parts Logistics Center at Hamm-Uentrop covers the spare parts logistics of CLAAS Group world-wide and is construed to enable maximum readiness of supply and prompt provision of necessary spare parts. To ensure the thus required system availability the system operating company has awarded a long-term service contract to Aberle.

Background: The 13-aisle miniload, supported by Aberle Service, stocks roughly half of the spare parts assortment of CLAAS in approximately 200.000 bin storing positions. Two connected high performance accumulation buffers, commissioners, as well as seven picking stations, supplied via picking loop and complex conveyors, form the core of the system enabling rapid order production in the distribution center. The mini-load part of the system, alone, generates a daily volume of shipments with approximately 10.000 order positions.

For facility service and support Aberle has arranged a bundle of services observing the individual needs of CS Parts Logistics within Aberle’s S24 Live Cycle Service. The contract covers the entire scope of maintenance planning and servicing as well as performing and reporting of all required safety-checks of the conveyor system and facility equipment currently installed for automated storing and order processing. For the analysis and removal of malfunctions concerning Warehouse Management System, Material Flow System, Programmable Logic Control and Visualization System the contract also includes the installation of a 365/24/7-Service-Hotline-Support including Remote- and Onsite-Service. With all this Aberle ensures maximum system availability in terms of mechanical parts and software control. Additionally Aberle provides regular on-site workshops at Hamm-Uentrop about service topics concerning facility and system maintenance. 

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