Aberle is growing

Aberle is expanding its national and international presence. Thanks to its strategic growth, existing locations are being expanded.

On August 1, 2018, Aberle is open its branch office in the Mainfrankenpark business park in Dettelbach, near Würzburg, southern Germany. The 700 square meter (7,500 sq. ft.) site will provide workspaces for more than 45 employees who will work in sales, processing and software, and who will implement complex intralogistics systems as general contractors. In addition, the staff members there will also assume sales activities for the Business Unit System Integration, which is active worldwide.

To provide more room for strategic growth, the main Aberle headquarters in Leingarten will also be further expanded with the addition of 1,000 square meters (10,700. sq. ft.) of new office space for over 70 employees. Since it will be some time before the new space is ready for use, Aberle has rented attractive office space as an intermediate solution for the next three years, starting October 2018. The colleagues in the software department in Dahn will also be moving into a larger office. A 1,000 square meter (10,700 sq. ft.) production hall is currently being renovated and transformed into a highly modern office building, which will offer room for more than 70 employees starting in 2019.

Last but not least, Aberle has enlarged the existing office of sister company Consoveyo in Prague, Czech Republic. Since June 1, 2018, Aberle sales staff and service technicians have been serving their core markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia from this base.