Langhammer at TISSUE WORLD MIAMI 2018

Langhammer will present a compact, highly flexible complete solution for the layer-by-layer palletizing of tissue products with an innovative combination of articulated arm robot, conveyor technology and layer gripper as a HoloLens application.

For this innovative complete system the company, from the Business Unit Product Solutions of Körber Logistics, has combined the product-friendly, innovative layer gripper system "The Wave" with the Langhammer articulated arm robot AR500 into a space saving, product-friendly palletizing solution. On this basis, the robot supported layer handling system, which Langhammer is presenting for the first time on the US market at the Miami Beach Convention Center (booth K-520), offers high efficiency and space savings of up to 40 percent compared to conventional layer palletizers.

The system solution is based on the "The Wave" handling component patented by Langhammer: The development of the German machine manufacturer uses a carbon gripper. It manages without using pressure and guarantees a gentle product transfer of tissue layers. Through a wave generated in the conveyor belt, a gripper with split bottom safely picks up the product layers. Compressions on all four sides align the layer into the exact formation chosen, while the gripper closes beneath the layer. Resting inside the gripper and secured by the compression plates, the layer is then safely positioned without pressure application. With this method, "The Wave" eliminates the need for different format parts, which are required in conventional clamping grippers for creating special configurations, such as layers including gaps.

The combination of "The Wave" with the Langhammer articulated arm robot AR500 offers other benefits in addition to smallest space requirement and highest palletizing quality. The programmable logic controller (PLC), either Siemens or Rockwell, allows direct programming of the robot without robot programming knowledge. Thus, the consistent Langhammer operating concept offers a simple configuration of the palletizing solution, one which can be quickly and flexibly adapted to new tasks. All in all, a coordinated concept for the complete material flow environment with extreme accuracy and high-quality palletizing - turnkey from a single source.

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